Adding the same common sub-tasks to your Jira stories is very time consuming and kills productivity

Project managers and team members waste many hours per month entering common sub-tasks to their stories such as UX, Analysis, QA, Peer review, Developer test, etc
But this Jira Add-On effectively solves this problem!

This advanced version of automatic sub-tasks add-on allows you to do the following:

  1. Create a single template that can be applied to many projects at once
  2. Generate Automatic Stories, tasks, or custom parent types whenever a new Epic is created
  3. Add trigger conditions to determine when the automatic child issues are created
  4. Grant or deny access to people in Jira groups so that the add-on is only accessible by authorized users
  5. Plus all the great features from the simple automatic sub-tasks add-on

This Jira Add-On solves these problems

Automatic sub-tasks add-on for JIRA is the ideal solution for effortlessly creating multiple sub-tasks automatically on every story you create. These sub-tasks are created with their summary, description, assignee and estimation automatically, so no one from your team has to spend time doing this over and over again.

Each automatically created subtask can contain the following pre-defined values:

  1. Summary
  2. Description
  3. Assignee
  4. Original estimate
  5. Copy the fixed version from the parent
  6. Copy the labels from the parent
  7. Use the parent’s summary information
  8. Use the parent’s assignee information
  9. Use the parent’s components information
  10. Use the parent’s reporter information