Having the wrong estimations on your Jira tasks can be very costly. Failed burn down charts, missed deadlines and low moral, are all results of this.

Obiwansoft's solution? Use the PERT estimations calculator for Jira cloud to estimate all of your tasks

This Jira Add-On allows you to estimate using PERT estimation.

The Program Evaluation and Review Technique estimation model (PERT), is an estimation technique that uses a weighted average of three numbers to come up with a final estimate that is many times more accurate than story points or direct estimation.

By adding the best case, probable case and worst case estimations, managers are able to flag stories that have a large deviation on the estimates and prepare contingencies.

When the PERT is calculated, you also get a deviation value that helps you identify if a story carries a considerable risk of not being completed on time. This allows you to take the necessary measures to either mitigate or have a contingency for the situation.